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“A long-awaited clarification or exploration of what G.I.Gurdjieff called the Fourth Way. The light she shines is a watershed event in the development of the teaching, and in spiritual search in the West."

From a review by Tracy Cochran, Parabola's Executive Editor, of The Reality of Being.

"These twelve chapters take the reader from a concentration on the ego through schools with practices to a sense of the cosmos, not really step by step but all at once. Hologram-like, these homilies repeat the main thesis that change in level of being is possible and they treat the reader to an array of approaches to the central existence of gnosis or the 'knowledge of being.' The book is rightly named The Reality of Being for it deals with what is most real in us and in the world in which we live. This is Madame de Salzmann’s predominant testament, one that is to be prized."

From a review by John Robert Colombo of The Reality of Being, on his  web site.

"An extraordinary book unlike any other... I expect this will be a book I'll be re-reading for the rest of my life... The essence of the book is actually very similar to Ekhart Tolle's The Power of Now. It is about presence, being in the now, seeing one's "ordinary I" from a higher perspective and tapping into higher energies. Tolle's book is excellent. However, The Reality of Being goes ten times deeper. Every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter is permeated with profound substance. The Power of Now is a good primer. This is the advanced course."

From a review by Robert Middleton of The Reality of Being, on 

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