“A watershed event in the development of the teaching, and in spiritual search in the West.”

Jeanne de Salzmann

A video of Jeanne de Salzmann in her 100th year, New York, 1988.

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I am here. I have a body. My body—is my body taken by all the conversation we have? My body is here. My mind is here. And my feeling is here. Are there other energies or not? I must know. One must know. One is made out of how many energies?

I see that when these energies are related, more together, I am open to a new vision, to a new intelligence which I was not open to before, and which gives me a feeling of—freedom, which I never knew before. The relation between these energies gives me a freedom. It is another energy which usually in my life I cannot have if I don't feel that.

This relation is very necessary. Because this relation makes appear a new energy which human beings can have—which they are made of—to have this energy. That is what Mr. Gurdjieff wished to show his pupils.